Various types of the digital water flow regulator in the industries

Generally, water is an essential natural source that is used in different industries for applications. It plays an important role in the manufacturing of food products, petroleum products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Therefore, it is very important to measure the flow of water inside the pipes throughout the system for these industries. A digital water flow regulator is a device that is used to ensure the required amount of water. 

Industrial applications that need to store water and wastewater treatment require the use of these flow measurement devices. These devices work to see water leakage and to hold control over the extreme use of water. So, with the help of an electronic pressure regulator, one can provide proper use of water. These are the electronic devices that work to measure the flow rate of water according to necessity. They are appropriate to measure water, fuel, gas, liquids, air, etc., in the piping system and have many types.

Popular types of the digital water flow regulator

Following are the main types of electronic flow regulators. These are:

Electromagnetic Flow Measurement:

This is one of the best digital pressure regulators that has an electronic transmitter and sensor. It adjusts the requirement for a flow measurement using a magnetic field to catch the data. The sensor of the digital water flow regulator is implanted with a magnetic coil that creates voltage. When the water or liquid provides through the pipe of the sensor, it induces a voltage signal. The production of voltage signals relies upon the rate of the flow passing via the pipe. So, it calculates the flow rate using the volumetric measurement technique. The voltage signal is sent via the electrodes located on the flow tube walls. Thus, it helps the machinists to complete the flow rate of water.

Vortex shedding measurement: 

Since this is another selected electric air pressure regulator that is used in different industries. It is best and suitable for working where the existence of moving parts causes concerns in flow dimensions. This digital water flow regulator is functional with industry-specific rates and sturdy material to work enduringly. It does not have moving components, so it is advantageous for industries to operate. The vortex meter operates via the vortex shedding principle for flow calculating. It drives the flow to pass through the bluff body that causes whirls. The frequency of vortices generated is proportional to the velocity of flow. The flow velocity is then considered as the flow rate of the water flowing through the pipes in the electronic pneumatic regulator.

Ultrasonic Measurement:

This is also a perfect electronic air regulator measuring device that is reasonable among industries. It works with sound waves to calculate the flow rate of water. The meter uses sound waves in order to determine the velocity of flow flowing inside the pipes. The ultrasonic fluid indicator computes the time travel for the ultrasound waves that they take to travel from one corner to another. The time travel calculates the volumetric flow of the water and delivers output through the transmitter.


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