What are Wireless Speakers? How Does Wireless Speaker Work?

A wireless speaker is a sound device through which you can listen to music, podcasts or the audio of any video content. Most wireless speakers are portable, and you can carry them with you anywhere. 

As the name suggests, there are no wires to connect with your mobile phone or any other device for playing audio. All you need to do is to connect your phone to the wireless speaker through bluetooth and have fun. 

How Does Wireless Speaker Work?

A wireless speaker uses radio waves to connect with the mobile phone for playing audio. A wireless speaker consists of the following components. 

  • Body case
  • Speaker
  • Bluetooth 
  • Power source

All these parts work together to produce sounds. Let us overlook how these parts of a wireless speaker work. 

Body Case

The body case is the protective packaging of the speaker. Wireless speakers are enclosed inside the case to avoid breaking the components and make them stay in their place. Along with protection, the body case provides the speaker with a beautiful design. The speaker cases come in various sizes and designs. 


Speaker, the sound-producing component of the wireless speaker. It consists of a magnet, voice coil, cone and diaphragm. As we all know that vibrations produce sound. The sound coil is attracted to a strong magnet. When this coil moves, it makes the diaphragm vibrate. The vibration of the diaphragm produces sound. The cone amplifies this sound. The loudness of the speaker’s sound depends upon the cone size. The bigger the cone, the higher the volume of sound. 


Bluetooth is a device that is used to build a wireless connection between two devices. It uses radio waves to transfer data like wifi. A bluetooth device can work in the short range of a few meters distance. 

When it comes to wireless speakers, a transmitter converts the electrical signal into radio waves. These radio waves spread in the surrounding area. The antenna and receiver detect these waves as sound signals and convert them to electrical signals. The amplifier is used to amplify these electrical signals. In this way, a bluetooth device is used to connect speakers and a mobile phone. 

Power Source

Most wireless speakers use a battery as a power source. Some of the speakers come with a power cable to drain power from the house electricity plug. The speakers with a built-in battery are portable, and you can carry them anywhere you want to use them. At the same time, the other types of wireless speakers need to connect to a power source as they have no battery to store charge. Wireless speakers with a built-in battery are more convenient and common. 

Final Words

Wireless speakers are a great addition to tech devices. They are unique in their functionality and features. They are highly portable and convenient to use. Based on their features, there are many designs and models available in the market. You can select one that fits your needs best. 


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