What is a Wool Fabric?

Wool is a durable material that is very moisture-wicking and very easy to care for. It also has good insulating properties, making it a great material to use for both indoor and outdoor clothing. In this article, we’ll explore how wool fabrics perform in each of these areas.

Feartures of Wool Fabric Clothing

It absorbs moisture.

Wool is an excellent moisture-absorbing fabric. Its fibers are made up of cortical cells that are wrapped in an outer film called the cuticle. These cells contain tiny pores that draw in moisture vapor, which is then absorbed by the wool fibers through a chemical process. This process can also generate heat.

A good wool fabric garment can absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in water without the wearer feeling wet. This is due to the crimp in the fibers that force each strand to butt

It is durable.

Wool fabric is one of the most durable fabrics you can find for your wardrobe. It is soft and breathable, durable, flexible, and anti-microbial. This makes it a great choice for all seasons. Unlike other fabrics, wool won’t shrink or pill. Wool also resists natural dirt and wears better than most synthetic materials.

Wool is made up of many fibers that must be woven together to create a fabric. It may be thick and coarse, with less drape than other fabrics, but the fibers are durable and resistant to bacterial growth. The fibers of wool also help regulate body temperature, making it perfect for athletes or people who spend time outside in rainy weather.

It is a good insulator.

Wool is a natural insulator, protecting your home from cold and heat. Its unique raw fiber also acts as an acoustic buffer, absorbing sound. As an insulator, wool far outperforms other forms of insulation. Wool has a low thermal conductivity, measured in watts per square meter.

Wool also provides insulation by absorbing moisture. This is because it has a hygroscopic structure, meaning it can hold heat without feeling wet. Wool fibers have tiny air pockets on the outside shaft. These air pockets help prevent heat transfer by insulating the body.

It is easy to care for.

Wool is a relatively easy fabric to care for. It can be hand-washed and dry-cleaned. However, it is best to use a wool-safe detergent. You should also turn wool garments inside out and wash them on the cold delicate cycle since this will prolong their life and prevent the fabric from stretching.

In addition, you can also use the vacuum to regularly care for woolen items to remove dust and other particles. But don’t use a rotary brush when vacuum-cleaning wool furniture, as it can damage the fabric. If a spill occurs, a soft brush can be used to remove the stain. Vacuuming will also pick up any small pieces that may have been left behind.

It is naturally resistant to flame.

Another advantage of wool is its resistance to fire. When exposed to a strong flame, wool will smolder for a short time, then self-extinguishes. The fibers are also flexible, allowing the wool to bend thousands of times without breaking. Wool doesn’t drip, melt or stick to the skin when it burns, and it also produces less smoke than most fabrics.

It is biodegradable.

Unlike other plant-based fibers, wool does not require chemical treatments to break down. It can be buried in the ground and will compost. Wool is a natural and renewable material, making it an environmentally sound choice for your home.


So here you know the many features of wool fabric. Is it the right clothing you like? Go to search online to find more styles of wool fabric clothes and get your favorite one. Thanks for reading!


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