What Is The Purpose Of Our Creation According To Quran?

Then did you think that we created you uselessly and that to us you would not be returned?“[23:115-116]

This is the verse of the Quran which informs us that, Allah has not created as uselessly and we will be return to him and will be liable to answer. The non-Muslims are confused that why we have been created and what is the purpose of life. Even though there can be many answers about it but we will simplify it in this article.

I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship me.” [51:56]

So you can see that Allah has created the mankind to worship him. Allah is not in need of worship at all but he wants to make the world stable and in a way which is going to be according to the guidance of Allah. Allah is the creator of the whole world so he wants that everything should be upright and should be done in the way that all the people are happy. It means that Allah doesn’t want that creation should be crying or being said but impact he wants that the creation should follow him and eventually they will be happy because Allah has created them so he knows that what is going to be beneficial to them.

No wonder the non-Muslims are not happy because they doesn’t know their creation and they think that what should be done in the life. The non-Muslims are confused that maybe they have been created out of the blue and even after seeing the proofs in the world they are not realizing the truth. Like for example the humanity and especially the non-Muslims are not realizing that everything in the world has the purpose. Nothing in the world is working out of the blue and nothing in the world is working out of the proportion. The sun is rising at the right time and the sun is setting at the right time not only everyday but every year, every decade and every century.

Worship of Allah

Even though Allah has created the world and the mankind inside to worship him but it doesn’t mean that you need to prostate in front of Allah but in fact you need to live your life according to the guidance of Allah and it will be like the prostration in front of Allah. Like for example even if you will eat and you will sleep according to the guidance of Allah then it will be called the worship of Allah. You will live your life and will be happy like the guidance of Allah then it will be called worship of Allah. The Allah is providing you the bounty without anything in return so isn’t it justified that we should be worshipping him all the time. You are going to fulfill the purpose of the creation if you are going to be living your life in harmony and with the guidance of the Quran and being in worship of Allah who is the creator of the all world.

The provider of inanimate

Allah is the creator of the whole worlds. So he knows what’s good for us. His revelation through Quran which is available on Online Quran Academy is the perfect guidance for us. So I hope now you can analyze that we have not been created without purpose and we should live the life according to guidance of Allah.

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