When will the results of intermittent fasting appear?

When will the results of intermittent fasting appear, and it is one of the most common methods that help lose

weight, as it reduces the number of calories in the body on a daily basis, and it is common for it to be of great

benefit in terms of changes in the structure of the body during weight loss, and through the reference site We will

explain when the results of intermittent fasting will appear.

What is intermittent fasting?

As NesssFit tells Intermittent fasting (IF) is an eating pattern that transitions between fasting and eating times, as

it does not

establish the types of foods that an individual should eat, but rather determines when to eat them, and thus is not a

diet in the literal sense of the word, while it can be It is more accurately described as a pattern of eating, and often

its widespread methods include fasting for only one day 16 hours, and some rely on fasting for 24 hours, and it is

applied twice during the week, 

When will the results of intermittent fasting appear?

The results of intermittent fasting can appear after approximately 10 days, until a difference is noticed in the body,

while it may take between 2 to 10 weeks until the body begins to lose a lot of weight, as the follower of this system

may lose weight. Approximately half a kilogram of weight each week, and often the first signs that appear is that the

midsection becomes more trimmed during the first week of intermittent fasting, but at first it can be a small weight

loss because the body has not yet adapted to that regime.

The effectiveness of intermittent fasting

A director of the Diabetes Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, said there is a lot of

evidence that daily intermittent fasting is clearly effective, as meals are only during 8 to 10 hours during the day,

Whereas, when a person follows a healthy diet, in addition to a good lifestyle, it will be particularly effective for

weight loss.

The effect of intermittent fasting on hormones

Intermittent fasting has many benefits on human health, but it is also related to some cases of hormonal disorders

in women, as this may cause a kind of imbalance in one of the hormonal systems in the body to some other

hormonal imbalances, as the hormones that may be disturbed are cortisol. , stress hormone, and thyroid hormone,

and symptoms related to this include the following

A decrease in the body’s energy.

Impairment in cognitive functions.

Muscle weakness.

Deterioration of the health of the skin and hair.

Poor cardiovascular and heart health.

Types of intermittent fasting

There are many different types of intermittent fasting, where the methods vary in terms of the number of fasting

days, in addition to the amount of calorie deficit, and intermittent fasting includes complete or partial abstinence

from eating for a certain period of time before returning to eating regularly again. The following are some of the

types of intermittent fasting

Fasting for 12 hours a day

The rules of this diet depend on some simple steps, where a person needs to fast for 12 hours every day, and he

must adhere to them, in addition, according to the opinions of a group of researchers, fasting for 12 hours can lead

to the body working on it. Converting fat stores into energy, causing ketones to be released into the bloodstream,

which contributes to weight loss.

Fasting for 16 hours a day

This system is based on fasting for 16 hours, leaving 8 hours for eating. Some experts also advise men to fast for 16

hours a day, while women fast for 14 hours a day, and this type of intermittent fasting is often resorted to when The

individual tries to fast for 12 hours, while no good results are shown.

Fasting for 24 hours a week

Fasting for 24 hours a week is known as the (Eat-Stop-Eat) system, and it includes not eating for an entire day in one

week, as many people start stopping food from breakfast to breakfast or from lunch to lunch. Drinking water, tea,

or calorie-free beverages during the fasting period is permitted.

Fasting for two days a week

Individuals who depend on this system continue to eat large amounts of healthy foods for 5 days, and then begin to

reduce calories for the remaining two days. Generally, during the fasting period, men eat about 600 calories, while

women approximately 500 calories.

Benefits of intermittent fasting

Many researches and studies have confirmed that the pattern of intermittent fasting often has many benefits and

advantages for the health of the body and mind, and a set of advantages of intermittent fasting are mentioned in

the following

Losing weight and fat

It is possible for people to eat during a certain period to reduce the number of calories they eat, as it may also help

to raise their metabolic rate, as a study conducted in 2017 indicated that intermittent fasting causes weight and fat

loss in individuals who are obese.

Disease prevention
Experts have suggested that intermittent fasting contributes to reducing many diseases, including the following:

Type 2 diabetes mellitus.
heart disease;
Some neurological diseases.

The best ways to lose weight

In the event that a person needs to lose weight, there are many ways to help in that, and doctors also advise to

follow a system that leads to a loss of no more than a kilogram per week, and this is in order to be more effective in

the long run, and the following are the best ways to lose weight. Contributes to weight loss: [7]

Reduce refined carbohydrates

Reducing sugars,

Grills, or carbohydrates are one of the effective ways to reduce weight in a short period, as this can be through a

diet based on low carbohydrates, or for example, replacing them with whole grains, as this helps reduce hunger

rates in a person, which leads to eating Low calories.

Eat protein, fats, and vegetables

Eating a good amount of protein is necessary in order to help maintain the health and muscle mass during weight

loss, as vegetables that have green leaves are full of nutrients, and the individual can eat large quantities of them

without high calories and carbohydrates in a large way. For fats, the body has no fear of them, as it needs healthy

types of fats, regardless of the individual’s diet.

move the body

Aerobic exercise can contribute to significant weight loss, and lifting weights has many benefits, as a person will

burn many calories, in addition to reducing the slowing of the metabolism, which is one of the common side effects

of losing weight.

Thus, we have reached the end of our article in which we explained what intermittent fasting is, and also when the

results of intermittent fasting appear, in addition to the effectiveness of intermittent fasting, the effect of

intermittent fasting on hormones, as well as the types of intermittent fasting, the advantages of intermittent

fasting, in addition to the best ways to lose weight.


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