Where are the Places in the UK Paying the Least and Most on Utility Bills?

While social distancing and functioning from home has ended up being the new standard for individuals across the UK, concern has begun to set in regarding how much utility expenses could rise over the following few months.

Utilising EPC data, energy cost specialists identified the top locations in the UK, as well as areas that are paying the most, and the least on their utility bills to determine who can make the biggest savings by ending up being extra energy-efficient.

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To extract the domestic data from the info provided on the Energy Performance of Buildings Information: England as well as Wales, designers utilised the API offered to query the entire database which made up 18,000,000 EPC certificates by postcode. When the information had been extracted, the experts had the ability to reorganize the details by location and region according to the postal codes given in the data source. This allowed experts to sum up the locations where houses were paying among the most, as well as the least for their annual utility costs based upon the averages given.


London covers the list as the most affordable area in the UK for yearly utility bills * (₤775). In comparison, Dumfries, as well as Galloway takes the title as among the most expensive area, with homeowners paying approximately ₤2,416 each year. This is 3 x times greater than residents in London, Milton Keynes, Dartford, and Manchester, highlighting the considerable dependency locals of Galloway as well as Dumfries have on such basic energies.

Checking out the map, it is evident that actions can be taken by people residing in the northern areas of the UK to become a lot more energy effective as there is a clear north/south divide in the UK peaking the significant reliance on residents of Galloway and Dumfries carry such basic utilities.

Yorkshire, as well as the Humber, takes the lead for the priciest area in the UK when it comes to how much people pay each year per house on utility bills. Residents there are paying ₤203 more than those that live in Greater London every year. Families in the West Midlands and North West are almost tied for being the second most pricey region in the UK, with only ₤1 dividing the two regions.

How much could your household possibly reduce utility expenses?

Becoming more power efficient is among the several ways that houses in the UK can save every year on their energy expenses. Locals in Dumfries and Galloway can save a possible ₤ 1296 on their utility costs each year which is a monstrous ₤1,108 more than those in Milton Keynes, highlighting a substantial difference in the levels of power efficiency.

To place it better into viewpoint how much families in Dumfries, as well as Galloway, can save, ₤1296 separated by 12 is ₤108, meaning they can be conserving this generally each month.

Despite Yorkshire and the Humber being the area where homeowners spend among the most on energy costs each year, homes in the West Midlands might conserve the most by ending up being more power reliable, i.e., ₤289.

People in Greater London might potentially conserve the least on their energy costs yearly out of all the areas in the UK. Nevertheless, that is still almost ₤20 people in Greater London can be conserving a month on their energy expenses.

In reaction to their searching, a company evaluated 2,197 Brits throughout the UK to see where their sights stand pertaining to paying expenses. 81% of those evaluated are stressed over cost boosts, as now 33% are dealing with paying their expenses on schedule. In addition, 67% of those surveyed believe that their energy companies must be footing their expense during the lockdown.


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