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custom mylar bags and pouches

It’s now possible to make Custom Mylar Bag Printing in any style and size 3.5 in bulk. These Mylar Bags Custom Logo are highly desired in the food, herbal and supplement space due to their strength, durability and ability to protect their contents from the external environment. We offer certified child-resistant Mylar bags in a variety of films and flexible packaging structures, perfect for brands looking for high quality custom bags. High barrier options include odor resistant, singlet and resealable.

special features
If you want to make it kid-proof, it’s now easy to get custom kid-proof mylar bags in any size and print. Depending on the request, these custom child-resistant mylar bags or stand up bags and flat bags have been passed through various tests to be certified by all other agencies to meet federal testing requirements. For companies looking to go green, our 100% recyclable CR zippers are here.

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We enable anti-counterfeiting

The safety of your consumer is far more important. We allow you to print QR codes digitally so that customers can scan and obtain information about the content or content. Our stock of films keeps odors and odors in the bag and prevents moisture from entering. So keep your things fresh and maintain the quality.

Anti-odor Mylar Bag
To receive your Odor Proof CBD Mylar Bags in any size and print, send us a quote now. So it comes heat-sealed, they are designed to maintain product quality and food fresh. Just put your food in it and sew. This creates a strong fence between your product and the outside environment.

This helps prevent excess potassium, which makes it our ideal product to keep your food always fresh. If you are looking for a stylish fragrance protection product, then this is the product you must try. Made of high quality vegan PU leather, our product comes with activated carbon technology, so it hides even the strongest odor/odor. Our product features a key-level locking system built into an odor-resistant zip bag.

3.5 mylar bag

We make 3.5 Mylar bags in any size and custom print with free shipping. It is one of the most desirable food, herbal and additional custom packaging options due to its strength, durability and ability to protect its contents from outside such as wind and moisture. Each product we produce is personalized with our logo in rich and flexible colors thanks to our digital printing process.

When we make your product this way with a label, our customers know what our business does. That they bring the standard at a low cost, the customer stays with your product and trusts your product for an eternity. For example, select “Your item, I have 3.5 bags in our package in a custom size and shape.”

3.5 mylar bag
Put my logo directly on mylar bags

Put my logo directly on mylar bags

You can choose from captivating colors and impressive designs for your favorite products. Pack the Mylar Bags Custom Logo with your company logo to attract the customer and keep your delicate food safe and maintain the original structure. With this kind of interest and charm, your beautiful edibles look even more attractive. There are many different styles of logos similar to packaging; Stick-on, sliders and folding logo. These are the three most popular options. Backed by our research on our graphics experts and several studies on it.

Our design experts are skill in creating customize packaging solutions that help your product stand out from your competitors. So the design team will guide you through all stages of the cannabis packaging design process to ensure that the packaging fits your product well and help your product create better communication with customers.

Custom Printed Mylar Bags
all custom printed mylar bags. Visit Universal Packaging


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