Why You Should Visit a Doctor Even if You Think You’re Healthy

As we all know, prevention is far better than cure, and there are countless cases where going through a regular medical check-up has saved many lives. For instance, it could lead to early detection of cancer or help in monitoring weight changes. The concept of preventive health care is now more exercised to take care of an individual’s well-being.

Although the number of medical visits you take increases with age, that doesn’t mean that a young and healthy person is invulnerable to any disease. You should go for regular checkups rather than wait for an illness to strike.

What Do You Mean By a Medical Check-Up?

A medical exam or checkup is a routine test carried out by a doctor or medical professional like a medical director, to assess a person’s health. Medical check-ups generally include the following:

  • Using a stethoscope to examine the heart, lungs, and bowel.
  • Examination of a person’s ear, nose, eyes, throat, and mouth.
  • Measuring the person’s weight and height. 
  • Check the blood pressure to see if it is normal.
  • Checking various parts of the body for unusual lumps. 
  • Carrying out some routine tests like CBC (complete blood test), blood test for glucose, cholesterol levels, and urinalysis to assess the kidney’s functioning. 
  • In some cases, advanced screening and diagnostic tests may be performed. Like, screening for breast cancer.

Now talk about why it’s essential to go visit your doctor for regular medical checkups despite your healthy state. 

Detection of Diseases Early On

Some cancers are treatable and potentially curable if they are detected in the early stages. The survival rate of cancer decreases as more time progresses and it reaches its final stages. Likewise, when diseases are detected early, it increases the chance of fighting the disease before it turns into something deadly. 

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A Blood Test Evaluation

A blood test routine provides you with information about numerous health indicators and whether they fall in the normal range. It can reveal major health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, anemia, high cholesterol, and blood lipids.

Overall Health and Well-Being

Regular health checkups will significantly increase your lifespan and prevent your health from deteriorating early on.

Long-term sleep disorders can manifest in other diseases like diabetes, depression, and hypertension. If you have occasional symptoms of insomnia, then you should visit your doctor at the earliest.

Visiting a dentist every six months is also essential to ensure dental hygiene or check if you need dental surgery if something is seriously wrong.

Monitor Stress-related Conditions

Most people suffer from stress in life and some more than others. That stress can lead to various physical and psychological diseases. This could also happen due to lifestyle changes as well as genetic predisposition. Some common disorders include Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, asthma, and certain mental illnesses.

Maintain a Healthy Cervix

Annual cervix examinations are also a part of women’s preventive care. It traces vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. Screening is primarily used to detect the presence of cervical cancer. It’s crucial for women under 20 to take classes to discuss and learn about topics like safe sex, vaginal hygiene, and birth control options.

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